FX is proud to be the only interactive projection game company headquartered in the USA.

Interactive Projector Systems
Educational STEM Games

Includes 100 Games & Effects!

Affordable Purchase and Lease Plans

Intimidated by the prospect of buying an interactive game system?

Rest assured, cost is no concern. FX comes in two versions so no matter what your budget may be, we have you covered. Choose an inexpensive system for the home or a high-end, professional grade unit that will stand 

up to the most rigorous of commercial demands for years to come. 

And for those that prefer low monthly payments we offer a friendly

two year lease plan to keep expenses down and profits high.

Fun Centers, Education, Museums, Healthcare

Kids like to have fun without adults looking over their shoulder 

and you need to be free to focus on business. That’s why FX

has the ability to run on autoplay: there's no added expense

for adult supervision and kids play non-stop in a safe,

hygienic environment on our interactive projector games.

Concerned about installation issues? No need to be,

our professional installation team operates nationwide,

just pick the location and we'll do the rest.

 Create your own Games and Effects 

FX has the broadest and most varied game catalog in the world 

but if that’s not enough we also offer the unique ability to create games.

Our easy-to-use software enables you to create engaging and energizing floor projector games that bring new levels of excitement to your business.

And if you're looking for brand recognition, we'll put your logo in

FX Game Zone so that your business stands out among the competition.

It's More than Fun, it's an Adventure!

Feature Title

Feature Title

FX Game Zone
Interactive Projector Systems

  There's an Adventure in Every Game 

Kids need physical activity but they also love video games,

which can make them sedentary. FX Game Zone offers the

perfect solution, interactive projection floor games that get kids 

on their feet, jumping and dancing as they play hi-tech video games.

Kids laugh and play for hours on end as they exercise and

build social skills in an exciting, fun-filled environment.