It may take some patience but ask any

good fisherman and he’ll tell you it

takes a special skill to find fish.

Ice Hockey

Lace up your skates, it's time to go

for the hat trick.

Tomato Splat

Who can pass up smashing

  a ripe tomato?

Egg Drop

Move the basket to catch the most eggs in 50 seconds. If an egg hits the ground it will break open and the chick will run away. Bye bye birdy!

Ice Water

It looks warm and balmy at first but once you jump in the water quickly it turns to ice.


We put a twist on the classic so that whenever a mole gets whacked, he giggles uncontrollably.

Caution, may cause excessive giggling!

Broken Bridge

This bridge is rickety, I mean really rickety! 

If you walk too slow  you may end up

at the bottom of the gorge.

Butterfly Tree

Try to keep the butterflies in flight and

off of the tree. It takes quick feet to

keep all those wings flapping.

Judo Jim

Practice your latest karate moves on Judo Jim. Kick, jump or stomp, it doesn’t hurt him.

He’s tough!

Tiny Flowers

Tiny flowers adorn the horizon 

as you parade across the sky.


Step by step children reveal

the coolest cars imaginable.

Ball Pit

What’s better than a good old-fashioned ball pit? An interactive one of course!


Yeah they’re cute, but didn’t you always want to smoosh one just to gross out the girls?

Scuba Diver

As you move underwater the air bubbles you create slowly make their way to the surface.

Flower Patch

You won’t need a green thumb to make

these flowers grow. Just step gently

and watch them blossom.


These otherworldly balls glow and

shift beneath your feet.

Coral Reef

Wade through the waters and watch the fish scatter. Catching these fish may be impossible for even the best of fishermen!

Tadpole Chase

Move the lilypad away from the chasing tadpoles. They may be small

but they’re awfully quick.

FX is proud to be the only interactive projection game company headquartered in the USA.

Disco Floor

Everyone will be a boogie machine when they

hit this dance floor. Multitudes of colors brighten your play with every move.

Bubbles & Balloons

Pick a color and see who can pop more balloons.

Dragon Tail

Throw balls up into the dragon’s tail to connect like colors and make the balls disappear. With a little luck you can eliminate the tail completely.

Clown Fish

Wade through the shallow waters and watch

the adorable clown fish scatter as you try

to scoop them up.


With flowers this beautiful you'll

want to stroll all day.

Doggy Daze

These doggies are too cute to stop walking. Every step reveals a cuter pup than the last.

Spider Bite

Lookout! The spider follows your every move and if you're not quick you may get bit.

Water Lilies

Dance across the water as Lilies

follow your every step.


Dance across the floor and create magical

white shadows in your wake.

Shark Bite

Be quick as you swish through the water

and past the shark’s hungry mouth.


Put an end to those pesky mosquitoes by

putting your foot down. Quite literally!


Step on Electro and drag the mystical object

to shapes and sizes never before seen.

Spring Bloom

Run through the grass and flowers bloom

with every step. Perfect for the princess

in every family.

World Cup Soccer

No need for cleats, just jump on and kick a goal to hear the roar of the crowd. Kids of all ages

can’t get enough of this game.

Balloon Pop

Who doesn’t love popping balloons?


The classic game set in a chocolate lovers paradise. Good luck, Sweet Tooth!

Undersea Adventure

Move along the ocean floor and your view of undersea life changes with you. Be sure

to get a good look at the shark!

Fire Tiger

Step quickly! Fire starts under

your feet and the growling tiger wants

to see you get burned.

Animal Flip

Slowly reveal the hidden animal with every

new step. Keeps kids guessing while

promoting social interaction.


Sweep away the sunflowers to reveal

the daisies hidden underneath.


Break up the codes as they rain down upon you. Every movement sends letters flying

in different directions.

Game On
FX includes 100 action packed interactive projector games for infinite playtime. They're colorful, exciting,

competitive, and with the ability to create your own games you'll have a play area that rocks the neighborhood.

Koi Pond

Splash in the pond and watch the fish scatter.

Laser Line

Step and skip to pull the laser and make

a myriad of beautiful designs.


Create designs with bursts of color

as you step across the floor.

Ice Blocks

Step by step you must push the ice blocks to reveal the frozen secret hidden beneath.

Puddle Jumper

Go ahead and jump in this puddle until your heart’s content, we guarantee you won’t

need a change of clothes afterward.


Skip and jump over the keys to create your own tune or join in with others and play a classic. Anyone here know Chop Sticks?

Ice Monster

Only fire can melt the Ice Monster and it will take a lot of footwork to cover him in flames.

Frozen Lake

The ice is so thin you'll hear it cracking under your feet. Don’t fall into the freezing cold water!

Fish Pond

Wade through the lily pads and watch

the fish scatter with your every move.


These pesky magnifying lenses

want to examine your every step.

Shooting Stars

Walk across the galaxy and stars follow

your every step with a magical sound.


Bring out the artist in every kid

without the mess.